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Machine Dock, the Kings of Metal

Proved as the leaders in the spectrum of providing the best machinery to the various parts of the world, Machine docks with its intense foresight, always keeps up with the pace according to the environments dynamic demands. Be it our equipment or handling a query we never do let anyone go unsatisfied in terms of quality, profitability or the market share. Even the competitors consider our products and services, a well respected globally dated venture.


We have a long list of products that expands our vision to do exceptionally well in our field, so here we tell you on our machinery, for the current and for the future.

Hacksaw machines, of different kinds, Power Hacksaw and Hydraulic Hacksaw, as the name justifies itself, our product have the same amount of intensity on their design and cutting blades required to do its job accurately and does the work without taking much time. The Power Hacksaws with its job to cut steel has diameter of more than 10/15mm. While the plastic, nickel and steel elements, these are easily chopped off by the Hydraulic Hacksaws.

For the Bandsaw machines, we have Horizontal Bandsaw and Metal Working Bandsaw, they prove to be reliable and durable amongst industries of forgings, engineering, and automobile who use our valuable service based on its maintenance and cost effectiveness. They stand in with the highest international quality tested to prove their mettle. One of the most updated full ranges of steel frame, our band saws will take care of your every need.

The Lathe Machine, Geared and Heavy Duty Lathe machines, regarded as one of the oldest required need in an industrial application, these lathes performs its honor on sand work, drilling, cutting, wood turning and also used for machining on other relative hard materials with their beds laid out for giving the ultimate output. Holding the work piece between two rigid and strong supports, the Lathe machines work revolves around its own axis where the tool is made to move either in a parallel or at an inclination manner with this axis to cut the desired material.

Drilling Machine, has its utilization on drilling holes, but when used with our variants of

Bench Drill, Pillar Drill and Geared Drill, our quality products with their spindles can be used on a large number of machining operations to produce much larger holes. Easily available with accessories, these drills become your one great support in enhancing your operations.

Surface grinder, with the most simple and complex operations our machines classified into Surface Grinder, Tool and cutter Grinder which are mounted, floor and bench wise and are powerfully driven, does not needs the only skill from the operator but in turn improves his style of performance in a clean and efficient manner. Grinding as much as large variety of small wood and steel cutters, the capacity to grind with the machines safety wheels provide the work to be carried in a less time consuming affair.

Hydraulic Press, as working on the laws of physics the hydraulic press is used for converting metallic objects into sheets of metal.

The different applications of industries, our Shop Presses, Manual Presses and Power Presses fully justifies their work on making powders in case of the cosmetic industry, on thinning the glass or forming the tablets for medical use. The crushing or molding power from these presses, they have the ability to compress or handle large scale pressures to ultimately of no value which was originally possessed by the product on which the press is applied.

Different Milling Machine, have the high flexibility and with their good handling operate on materials like metal and wood which becomes a valuable integral assetĀ of the industrial world.

Speeding up and facilitating a faster and more efficient workflow, the Vertical Milling and Universal Milling have spindles on a horizontal arborĀ and in a vertical orientation over the table that is used for molding plastic or for forging, coining, or die casting creating a precision of pieces that may be in a large unit or a personal shop environment.

Shaper Machine, giving the desired shape, dimension and surface finish, the shaping machines, the horizontal shaper, moves its ram along the horizontal axis giving shapes to generally fine and flat surfaces. The cutting motion provided by the linear forward motion of the reciprocating tool and the intermittent feed motion with the help of slow transverse motion along with the bed, results in producing a flat surface by gradually removing excess of material layer.

The Chucks that usually come in a plain back configuration mounted on a backing plate configured to the spindle nose of each individual machine. The backing plates which supplied with the machine, the chucks are used by mounting the backing plate on the lathe that is turned to the proper dimension.

3 Jaw chuck are the self centering jaws, kept in close on all the moving parts which necessitates the normal preventive maintenance during its performance. Chucks are periodically disassembled to clean and inspect to give good and long service.

4 Jaw chucks have the independent jaws that hold irregular shaped pieces or turn the pieces off at the centre. With a mechanical advantage of up to 90 to 1, the 4 jaws allow tremendous pressure to be applied on the work and its bodies.

So, gentlemen of the business world if you are looking for precision, we are just waiting for you, to have an opportunity on offering our diverse products, built in quality, with a best choice range and friendly operative equipment.